By   February 9, 2017

Wisdom Teeth

Removing the wisdom teeth can disturb your entire schedule especially during the graduation season since it changes your celebration plans at graduation time. You must give priority to recovery and avoid taking the foods and drinks that affect your health. You must be aware that consuming alcohol after tooth extraction process for a few days is strictly mandatory for your health.

The official website of most dental sites contains the how tooth extraction process is being carried out and the foods you can eat and avoid after the surgery. The recent article published in explains tips to avoid most dangerous diseases that are most likely to spread across different countries.

Though you feel recovered and wish to join the spring celebrations or graduation parties, you must be cautious when participating. Consuming alcohol after wisdom teeth removal is harmless and it causes severe problems even though when taking pain medications. Some health experts feel that consuming medicines to control the pain after tooth extraction process become highly dangerous when mixed with drinks.

It can hurt your liver, and you are more likely to injuries or falls. Before consuming the painkillers, you want to read the prescriptions and if you have doubts, don’t drink alcohol during that time. A tempting potluck is mouthwatering, but you must take with great care. You will be tempted to eat Champagne toast with your friends, but the tooth extraction sites will continue to tender for few days.

The dissolvable stitches can need at least two weeks to dissolve before your surgeon eliminates them. Consume soft foods and don’t take crunchy and sharp items. Fruit platter, peeled oranges, soft bananas are good options to eat, and pita bread is the easy item to snack on.

It does not mean that as you have just removed your wisdom teeth, you should avoid participating in the graduation celebrations. Party with your friends is important, but you should also ensure to stay safe and recover in the meantime.

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